1 - Cranberry
2 - Coral
3 - Classic Orange
4 - Mac & Cheese
5 - Neon Orange
6 - Neon Yellow
7 - Baby Yellow
8 - Sunflower Yellow
9 - Lime Green
10 - Jungle Green
11 - Olive
12 - Teal
13 - Caribbean Aqua
14 - Sky Blue
15 - Ocean Blue
16 - Navy
17 - Mauve
18 - Baby Pink
19 - Raspberry
20 - Sand
21 - Taupe
22 - Cream
23 - Gray
24 - Black
25 - Neon Pink
26 - Cotton Candy
27 - Bubblegum
28 - Royal Purple
29 - Deep Teal
30 - Mint
31 - Neon Green
  • Product Description

      šŸ¦ˆ SHARK ATTACK! Your bracelet purchases help support many of our organizations that fight for animal welfare. This month we are donating to The Animal Welfare Institute. According to our partners, as many as 73 million sharks are killed annually for their fins. Help us FIGHT against fisherman cruelty. šŸš¢

      šŸ” Homemade and handmade in California with loveā¤ļø

      Say hello to our local artisan at Summer Style Bracelets.Ā 

      All friendship bracelets are made with 100% DMC Embroidery Floss & water proof jewelry is made with 100% waxed polyester cord. All other supplies used are natural & eco friendly. Everything is made in a smoke-free & pet-free home.

      BraceletsĀ are completely waterproof and adjustable to fit any wrist size. Pull both tabs on any bracelet to close.


      • Produced locally in Anaheim, CaliforniaĀ 
      • 100% Waterproof
      • Color Customizable (see photos for offering)
      • Additional lettering offeredĀ 

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  • Shipping and FAQ's

    • Frequently Asked Questions by The Animal Pack Community
      We provide a 100% lifetime warranty exchange guarantee. If at any time your garment is faulty, damaged or broken please reach out to us at theanimalpacksales@gmail.com for any and all requests and exchanges.Ā 

      For hygienic reasons, we request that you doĀ notĀ return any earrings, studs and/or other items thatĀ have been worn in the skin.Ā This helps to ensure safety and quality for all parties involved in the handlingĀ and shipmentĀ of yourĀ products. Ā Ā 

      If youā€™re not satisfied, please let us know!
      The PackĀ works extremely hard to handleĀ orders at an exceptional standard.Ā We are constantly improving our products based on customer feedback.

      * Customer is responsible for all shipping charges. Shipping and handling charges are nonrefundable.

      * If the customer has received an incorrect order or faulty garment shipping charges will be refunded (standard shipping only).
      How long does shipping take?
      The Animal Pack uses USPS, FedEx and ePacket for its U.S and internationally made products.
      Typical shipmentĀ timesĀ range from an average of 2-5 working business days for U.S based products and 9 - 11 working business days for our goods produced by international artisans. EACH item also can have up to a 6 day processing time. There are also SALE items each month. SALE items ship from international artisans by ePacket. ePacket takes between 9-20 working business days. You may also use USPS to track ePacket orders. However, during the holiday seasons there is a chance your order may be delayed by your postal carrier.Ā 
      *Ā Shipping time is estimated and commences from the date of shipping, rather than the date of order, and can take longer than expected date due to invalid address, customs clearance procedures or other causes.
      The Animal Pack further partners with small businessĀ owners and artisans only in order to provide you with the best prices. This helps to ensureĀ that your order is manufactured and produced with the highest quality care.Ā 
      We offer international shipping options too - no matter where you are, you can buy from us!
      How do I cancel an order?
      As of MarchĀ 2018, we are proud to announce we are now working with 9 different artisans! EachĀ artisan receives a different number of orders from us to create. Therefore, some may begin to create your order right after your payment has been processed. We try very hard toĀ maintain working relationships with these artisans and therefore we cannot guarantee your cancellation request will be fulfilled. If yourĀ cancellation request is received to The Animal Pack within 24 hours we will try our very best to work with your request. For any cancellation requests to your order pleaseĀ email us at theanimalpacksales@gmail.com
      Other Requests?Ā 
      We are happy to listen to any and all other requests. Just drop us an email at theanimalpacksales@gmail.com and we can handle it from there.Ā 
  • Lifetime Warranty Exchange

      We provide a 100% lifetime warranty exchange guarantee. If at any time your garment is faulty, damaged or broken please reach out to us at theanimalpacksales@gmail.com for any and all requests and exchanges.Ā 
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  • Charity

    • From every sale we currently donate 10% to marine life foundations. We currentlyĀ are partnered with the Billion Baby Turtle Fund, a subsidiary of See Turtles. With every dollar we can save five turtle hatchlings through our partner turtle conservation organizations. Your support will help get hatchlings to the sea and provide income for rural communities around Latin America.Ā 

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